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Curved Stairlifts
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Brooks Curved Stairlift


Subject to survey.

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Bison Bede Curved Stairlift - Bison 80

Click to view Bison video

Click to view Bison video

The Bison 80 Curved Stairlift is designed for all configurations of staircases, with turns and half landings, and can continue along your hall or landing if required.

The Bison 80 Curved Stairlift is now supplied with DC power which means that, by using the latest technology whilst maintaining the original styling, reliability and performance are much improved.

A powered folding rail is available to avoid doorways or other obstructions which are common at the foot of curved staircases.

Subject to survey.

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Minivator Curved Stairlift - 2000
The Minivator 2000 is a curved stairlift: curved stairlifts are also known as Round The Corner or RTC stairlifts. These stairlifts are designed for use on a staircase which turns a corner or is spiral in design.

The track is mounted on stanchions which are fixed to the stairs. Every Minivator track is built to order following a survey of the staircase. Our team of designers calculate the optimum track to accommodate the staircase whilst maximising the clear space on the stairs.

The track can be placed on either side of the staircase. The Minivator 2000 system offers the tightest internal bend on the market which means that in many cases this system will fit into hallways that other stairlifts cannot accomodate.

Generally the track will have two charging points, top and bottom, however some tracks may require intermediate charge points too. When the stairlift is not being used it should be left on one of these points. These points are generally located at the position where the stairlift stops. If circumstances dictate an alternative parking point, if a hinge track is used for example, the park position is easily located by using the park button on the remote control. Parking on the charge point keeps the battery topped up so your stairlift will continue to work in the event of a power failure.

Slimline design is a concept that extends to the Stairlift itself, the stairlift can be folded up meaning minimum storage space is needed when the stairlift is not in use. The addition of a powered footplate makes folding the unit up even easier for users who may have trouble bending. You can choose to fold the footplate by flicking a switch located under the arm of the stairlift or when folding the seat up and down. Subject to survey.

Bespoke Curved Stairlift

Bespoke curved stairlift.

The stylish BS 101 is designed specifically for curved or more complicated staircases; it negotiates bends, landings and corridors with ease.

The 101’s slim carriage and rail also make it suitable for narrow staircases and when folded away leaves plenty of room for other stair user

Operating the 101 couldn’t be simpler with push button controls or optional
joystick it glides gently up or down the stairs with ease and the swivel seat
makes getting on and off the stairlift easy and safe. The stairlifts battery powered motor ensures a smooth gentle ride and with automatic charging at the top and bottom of the rail you can be sure it is always ready to use, even in the event of a power cut. Subject to survey.

Click here or on the picture (left) to view the full brochure.

Thyssenkrupp Access Curved Stairlift - Flow 2

Click to view Bison video

Pick the Flow stairlift for use in your home and you'll be guaranteed to get:

  • A slim and compact stairlift that works on even the most complex staircases and folds up out of the way when not in use to leave the staircase free for other users
  • Our unique light-touch swivel release lever that effortlessly swivels the seat away from the staircase, allowing you to get off the stair lift onto the top landing with ease
  • Easy-to-use armrest controls! To offer a solution for everyone, the armrest control is delivered with three types of joysticks. Standard.
  • A hard-working stair lift that can be customized to blend in with the décor of almost any home
  • Smooth and easy installation that has a minimum amount of unnecessary expense
  • The most luxurious stairlift on the market

Subject to survey.

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Acorn Stairlifts

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Whisper Quiet

Soft start and stop system, no sudden jolts

Ultra smooth ride quality

Easy to use joystick control

Remote control system means no messy wiring

Low voltage operation, eliminates risk of shock

Electromechanical braking with failsafe overspeed governor

Fast Installation - delivered in days, fitted in an hour

Click pictureClick picture to view Acorn video.

Subject to survey.

Platinum Stairlifts
Platinum Platinum

Click here for New Platinum Curve Brochure (pdf)

Unlike many other companies that make numerous types of differing lift styles, at Platinum we prefer to concentrate our expertise and resources on one. We believe that by specialising in the design, manufacture and delivery of the domestic curved stairlift we can provide our customers with a superior product. That is why if your staircase requires a lift that needs to negotiate landings and corners, you can rest assured that the Platinum Curve was designed and built with you and your home 'exclusively' in mind.

Subject to survey.








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