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Straight Stairlifts
For more information about any stairlift we feature on our site, please feel free to contact us on our free phone number or if you prefer use our ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM
Brooks Straight Stairlift

Subject to survey.

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Bison Bede Straight Stairlifts - Bison 50
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The Bison 50 stairlift is the new stairlift from Bison. Even greater reliability and operation, the Bison 50 has many unique features which will make it the first choice.

Subject to survey.

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Minivator Straight Stairlift - Simplicity 950
The Simplicity 950 is a straight stairlift which means that it is suitable for use where a stairlift does not need to travel around a corner.

The stairlift track is slim in design and is fixed to the stair. It sits close to the edge of the staircase thereby leaving the staircase clear for other users.

The Simplicity 950 is compact in design and when the stairlift is not in use it can be folded up to maximise the space on the stairs or in the hallway.

All Minivator’s Stairlifts are battery operated so they will continue to work in the event of a power failure. The battery receives a continuous charge from the mains supply. The Simplicity 950 receives this charge irrespective of where the stairlift is positioned on the track. This means the stairlift can be parked on any section of the track when not in use.

Subject to survey.

Minivator Straight Stairlift - 1000
The Minivator 1000 is a straight stairlift: it can be used on a straight staircase where the stairlift is not required to travel around a corner.

The stairlift runs on a slimline track which hugs the edge of the staircase. The track is fixed to the stairs and it leaves plenty of room on the staircase for other users.

The track comes with two charging points, top and bottom, when not in use the stairlift should be left on one of these points. These points are generally located where the stairlift stops. If circumstances require an alternative parking position, if a hinge track is used for example, the park position is easily located by using the park button on the remote control. Parking on the charge point keeps the battery topped up so your stairlift will continue to work in the event of a power failure.

Slimline design is a concept that extends to the Stairlift itself, the stairlift can be folded up meaning minimum storage space is needed when the stairlift is not in use. The addition of a powered footplate makes folding the unit up even easier for users who may have trouble bending.

Subject to survey.

Thyssenkrupp Access Straight Stairlift - Excel A/C

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The Excel® A/C stair lift makes getting around your house simple and enjoyable, but we've packed this stair lift with plenty of features! The amenities that come standard on the Excel® A/C stair lift would be costly extras on some other models:

  • A folding rail, which folds up when not in use, as to not cause a trip hazard at the bottom of the stairs.

  • A comfortable contour seat that swivels and locks at 60° or 90° away from the top of the staircase and lets you get on or off the stair lift with confidence

  • The padded armrests, which make your ride much more comfortable, fold up and out of the way - giving you extra space to get assistance when you need it.

  • A state-of-the-art operating control switch can be placed on either side of the seat for your ease of use - and an optional joystick, hand-held pendant or button controls can be used by those with limited hand mobility.

  • Access at the touch of a button with our wireless remote control, so your stairlift will always be exactly where you need it!

  • A compact design that folds up to a tight 14" from the wall when not in use

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Subject to survey.

Acorn Stairlifts

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Whisper Quiet

Soft start and stop system, no sudden jolts

Ultra smooth ride quality

Easy to use joystick control

Remote control system means no messy wiring

Low voltage operation, eliminates risk of shock

Electromechanical braking with failsafe overspeed governor

Fast Installation - delivered in days, fitted in an hour

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Subject to survey.








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